The Fair

For its 14th edition, after volume and sculpture, photography and textile art in the previous edition, Lille Art Up! has chosen to focus on the theme of "Transparency and Light".


Thematic 2022 - Transparencies and Lights

Transparency" is a major theme that runs through the history of artistic practices.

In the literal sense (materials and techniques such as glass or pictorial glazing) as well as in the figurative sense (poetic, political or societal positioning), the aesthetic issues of transparency concern architecture, sculpture, painting, watercolour, photography, video, glass, stained glass, jewellery, tattooing, airbrushing, scratching and installations.

In a rapidly changing world where transparency and opacity clash in different ways, the 2022 edition of Lille Art Up! invites artists and galleries to give their vision of this issue, which is rich in multiple insights.



> Art Night

Every year, the Art Night takes place on the first day of the fair.

During this evening, the artists perform various live events.

> Weekend entertainment

Each year, many cultural structures of the region are present at Lille Art Up!

They each play an active role in the weekend entertainment of the fair by offering various activities throughout the four days.

Exhibitions, artistic performances, workshops, these cultural structures create the event within the event.


Revelation by Lille Art Up!

In an effort to promote the region's young talent, Art Up! has been organizing the "Revelation by Art Up!" exhibition for the past 8 years.

This initiative attracts many collectors, gallery owners and art professionals. Thus, Art Up! has had the pleasure of revealing a number of young artists who have since been exhibited in important galleries, art structures, companies, fairs and museums!

The new generation of artists will respond in their own way to the theme "Transparencies and Lights" through the exhibition Revelation by Art Up!
The artistic committee of the fair is looking forward to revealing the class of 2022 soon!


Artistic selection committee

> Jean-Baptiste CARDON

> Samantha Deman

> Axel Lemmens

North Europe Sales Agent

> Annuschka Leung

> Nathalie Mazeman

Sales Representative

> Eddy Nebel

> Richard Skryzak

Jean-Luc Moreau

> Didier Vesse

Art Up! Artistic Manager