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After art and architecture, volume and sculpture and photography in the previous edition, Lille Art Up! has chosen this year to take a look at textile art through the theme "Au fil de l'art: How textile art, once associated with tapestry, has today become an art of the future?"
Discover the vision of this theme through the galleries, exhibitions and animations of the fair!


In the course of art

For its 13th edition, Lille Art Up! has chosen a new theme this year:

 Au fil de l'art: How has textile art once limited to tapestry become an art of the future?

At a time when new technologies rub shoulders with ancestral techniques, when new and traditional materials coexist, textile art is also living a time of hybridization.

From footbridges to footbridges, sewing is invited into the sculpture, the thread plays with volume, the needle becomes a pencil lead, the rope is reunited with poor materials.

Weaving, braiding, twisting, stitching, cutting, puckering, gluing, interlacing, crossing... many contemporary artists have seized upon traditional skills to assemble their thoughts or mend the world.

Textile is thus in turn abstract reflection or feminist art, it plays with 3D and sets out to conquer space, it represents the body and symbolizes time.

Discover how needle and thread have invaded the workshops of the 21st century!


Unpublished exhibitions



> Art Night


> Weekend entertainment

Each year, many cultural structures from the region are present at Lille Art Up! They each actively participate in the animation of the fair during the weekend by offering various activities throughout the four days. Exhibitions, artistic performances, workshops, these cultural structures create the event within the event.

This year, among the cultural structures present, you will be able to meet the Manufacture de Roubaix, a museum of memory and textile creation in Roubaix; the 111 des Arts, a group of associations committed to creating synergies between the fight against paediatric cancer and the positive values conveyed by art and culture; and the Cultural Affairs Department of the Lille University Hospital, which introduces art and culture into the hospital to accompany the care project, to sublimate daily life and to respect otherness.


Revelation by Lille Art Up!

In an effort to promote the region's young talent, Art Up! has been organizing the "Revelation by Art Up!" exhibition for the past 8 years.

This initiative attracts many collectors, gallery owners and art professionals. Thus, Art Up! has had the pleasure of revealing a number of young artists who have since been exhibited in important galleries, art structures, companies, fairs and museums!

The 13th edition of Art Up! will showcase textile art through the theme "In the thread of art, how has textile art once associated with tapestry become an art of the future? »

This question has naturally been put to the new generation of artists through the exhibition Revelation by Art Up! The artistic committee of the fair is looking forward to revealing to you the 2020 promotion!



The conference "The Weave and the Knot in Contemporary Art", given by Mr Itzhak Goldberge, private conference by invitation.


Artistic selection committee

> Jean-Baptiste CARDON

> Samantha Deman

> Axel Lemmens

North Europe Sales Agent

> Annuschka Leung

> Nathalie Mazeman

Sales Representative

> Eddy Nebel

> Richard Skryzak

Jean-Luc Moreau

> Didier Vesse

Art Up! Artistic Manager