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The Fair

After art and architecture or even volume and sculpture, Art Up! has chosen this year to cast a look at photography.
Find the vision of this theme through the galleries, exhibitions and activities at the fair!



For its 12th edition, Art Up! has chosen to cast a look at photography. Rival of painting for its technicality, photography is none the less complementary. A mechanical invention making use of light, it wavers between capturing the real and experimenting the image. In the first place, it was a work base for painters and their works, nowadays it enables reality to be conveyed in an exact and faithful manner. Painters seize it and it becomes a source of inspiration. Others turn it into their paintbrush. An extension of the hand, the photographic tool is a creator of works.

Discover how artists make use of photography to create today’s works, whatever the materials used…



Many key moments punctuate the 12th edition of Art Up!

Find in the space dedicated to the Paris fotofever fair and its selection of photography galleries, the innovative exhibition of Fresh Art from China, Anna Katharina Scheidegger, a young photographer given pride of place by Le Fresnoy – a national studio of contemporary arts – and of course the exhibition that everyone has been waiting for : « Revelation by Art Up! ». It gives pride of place to young artists from the region’s art schools.


Revelation by Art Up!



FOTOFEVER proposes on its dedicated space a programme of photography conferences for the general public. It is in this context that the visitors are invited to meet Jean-Marie Périer, the famous photographer of stars, who will be present at the Art Night



> Night of art

The Art Night that comes on Thursday evening is an event of exceptional quality while each exhibitor invites its artists to come and meet the public!

> Weekend animations

Art Up! opens up its spaces to the region’s cultural structures which will be organizing workshops designed for the whole family throughout the weekend!