Jonathan Vatunga

Democratic Republic of Congo > 1996


Jonathan Vatunga (1996), graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinsasha, DRC in 2017, received early recognition for his candid paintings and collages in his own unique style and symbolism. Originating from a society with many conflicts and issues and being forced into political refugeeship in France since late 2019, Vatunga is deeply committed to exposing his observations of daily struggles in society and finding new hope and solutions. In the world of Vatunga “men are destroyed by men”, societies are fragile and disintegrated, full of injustice, with many people being displaced and suffering. Sometimes bordering the revolutionary, openly criticizing political leaders and situations, Vatunga also seeks to create hope, beauty and joy.

Vatunga typically presents a colourful and dynamic world in constant transformation bydepicting its people. He forms his different characters by superimposed lines, disintegrating or decomposing under the pressure of society. He often uses collages of photographs an/or strong symbolism to give meaning to his characters and uses glasses to reflect their inner visions. He deconstructs the figure of the human body by showing the life that is being reconstructed, a story that is being rewritten.

Over the past few years, Vatunga has been participating internationally in many exhibitions in DR Congo, Ivory Coast, Senegal, South-Africa, France, Netherlands and Hong Kong and has been auctioned in Paris.