Marie Ruprecht

Austria > 1975


Marie Ruprecht was born in 1975 in Upper Austria where she lives and works. She studied Experimental Design at the Institute of Fine Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Art and Design Linz and graduated with honors. Since 1994 she has been working in the fields of photography, drawing, painting and sculpture as well as spatial installation.

An essential feature of her work is the direct engagement with the existing spatial and contentual conditions and the theme related appropriation of new cultural techniques for the realization of her works. The physical nature of the materials used, just as the experimental handling style with vastly varying work methods flow consciously in the formation process. The chosen materials are tested for their possibilities and the relationship between the aspects one can precisely plan and the unforeseen coincidences are time and again newly fathomed out.

Marie Ruprecht works with groups of artwork which are just as experimental as they are technically finely tuned and each work shows its individual perspective. By way of securing evidence, she documents objects of daily use and thereby also everyday stories. Marie Ruprecht creates spaces for thought using fragmentary reproductions of objects that are sometimes very familiar to us, but tend to retain a certain mystery and excitement. Her works often preserve a moment and thereby emphasize their timelessness.

Her minimalist, formal implementation could not convey the content better: without colour opulence, Marie Ruprecht’s work encourages our sensitivity. Locard’s principle states that when two objects touch, a trace always remains on both. Not only does this apply to Marie Ruprecht’s working principle, but also figuratively to viewers engaged in her art